You are looking for...


WIYS course

... if you want to experience a WIYS process (an active "walk") for you or just want to participate (sniff) while watching.

WIYS training

... if you offer WIYS seminars yourself, apply them in your work context or just want to experience an intense time of self-awareness.

WIYS advanced training

... if you are trained in WIYS and want to deepen your knowledge and experience in many ways.

WIYS study group

... if you want to experience WIYS in a research context or simply want to experience interesting or unusual walks with interesting topics.

WIYS supervision

... if you offer WIYS seminars or trainings yourself, and look here for your success, your work and your participants, or just "stay tuned".

WIYS practice group

... if you are currently participating in a WIYS training and want to continue practicing, leading and gaining experience for your education. These groups are self-organized.

WIYS individual work

... if you prefer to view your request in a secure environment and you want to have a personal, intimate atmosphere.

WIYS lecture / demonstration

... if you want to get a picture of Walking-In-Your-Shoes or want to introduce the method to your friends.