Active Membership


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What does "active membership" mean?

This membership is right if you want to use all services of the Walking-In-Your-Shoes-Institute and also want to promote your events in the institute.

We offer you the following

      •You can enter and edit your events and your profile yourself on the provider list
      •Create a link to the online-registration on your website (if available)
      •Dates, like "by appointment", can be specified a well as directions and parking situation
      •Identical, periodical events can be copied and published with a new date
      •Past events are automatically deactivated, so you don't need to erase them manually
      •You can use your profile (with photo, presentation, your bio, credentials, infos and your favorite literature) like a homepage,
        and you don't need an own one
      •Special events or projects of yours may be published on the main website as well as in the newsletter
      •You will be found in the provider list and in the event list


We are working on offering even more (business cards, stickers, ...), you are welcome to let us know your ideas (info(at)

You will also receive the following service     

      •As a trainer, you will receive training manuals and certificates for each trainee
      •Free training videos in the login area
      •You will receive the newsletter plus the online magazine and stay up to date
      •The institute advertises WIYS and thus for every member. If you have suggestions for advertising opportunities
        (please contact
      •You will receive advice and support from the institute
      •10% discount for institute events, as well as for books and DVDs
      •30% discount for DVDs and books to sell in your practice, min. 10 counts each
      •You will receive free personal flyer with text, bio, photo and contact



The membership fee is € 12.50 per month (€ 150 per year)


A prerequisite is a successful training with a trainer recognized by the WIYS Institute


Continue online-registration "active membership"