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Our Walking-In-Your-Shoes institute is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect seekers and helpers, to provide help and advice, to offer training and advanced education, as well as to research and develop. The quality of our members work in the list of facilitators corresponds with our high education and training criteria. That creates trust. We provide educational videos, interviews, books, DVDs, the institute's magazine "Walking is Understanding", a membership list and a phone hotline. Check out the next WIYS conference in Berlin (September 17-21, 2020) and get new insights and impulses. Come in to the future of coaching!

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Contact in CH, F und GR


WIYS Switzerland

Yorgos Nassios
Tel.: +41794776057
Email: keep(at)walkinginyourshoes.ch

WIYS France
Saskia Machaczek
Email: saskia(at)wiys.fr

WIYS Greece
Yorgos Nasios
Tel.: +306979223329
Email: keep(at)walkinginyourshoes.gr


Susanne Fleer-Ellerbrake, Contact for business and Walking with horses

Do you have questions around Walking in your Shoes? Especially the field of WIYS in business and the combinationof WIYS and horses as a "mirror" is my focus.

Please call or email me. Reach me me under info(at)fleer-ellerbrake.de or +49 (0) 52 22-344 788.

My motto: Your success is my heart felt goal – change and growth together!

Susannes Profil

Marianne Dietz-Grebe, contact for supervision

Welcome to the Institute of WIYS. Please contact me if you wish mutual exchange or work on the phone.

Reach me at Marianne@WIYS-Institut.org or info@WIYS-Institut.org

Mariannes Profil

Andrea Soujon, contact for social work, youth and educational professionals

As a graduate social worker I know the huge field of social work and that good tool and techniques are beneficial; Walking in your shoes is the most effective method. Please contact me for all questions and I am glad to help and communicate.
You can reach me under: Andrea(at)WIYS-Institut.org or 0151-56098635 (voice mail)

Andreas Profil

Christian Assel, manager

Founder of WIYS in Europe, Founder and head of the WIYS-Institute, training and advanced training, science and development, Advisor

Reach me at christian(at)wiys-institut.org, 0511-2110513

Hannover, Germany

Christians Profil