Marianne Dietz-Grebe, contact for supervision

Welcome to the Institute of WIYS. Please contact me if you wish mutual exchange or work on the phone.

Reach me at Marianne(at) or

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Andrea Soujon, contact for social work, youth and educational professionals

As a graduate social worker I know the huge field of social work and that good tool and techniques are beneficial; Walking in your shoes is the most effective method. Please contact me for all questions and I am glad to help and communicate.
You can reach me under: Andrea(at) or 0151-56098635 (voice mail)


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Christian Assel, manager

Founder of WIYS in Europe, Founder and head of the WIYS-Institute, training and advanced training, science and development, advisor

Reach me at christian(at), 0511-2110513

Hannover, Germany

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